. . .heaven. . .a state of blessedness which even the Old Testament saints had some expectation of.  Godly parents have great reason to hope concerning their children who die in infancy, that it is well with their souls in the other world, for the promise is to us and to our seed, which shall be performed to those who do not put a bar in their own door, as infants do not.  Favors received should produce the hope of more.  God calls those His children who are born to Him and, if they be His, He will save them.  This may comfort us when our children are removed from us by death.  They are better provided for, both in work and wealth, than they could have been in this world.  We shall be with them shortly, to part no more. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on 2 Samuel 12.15-25.


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