[Solomon] took many women, so many that, at last, they amounted to 700 wives and 300 concubines, 1,000 in all, and not one good one among them, as he himself owns in his penitential sermon (Ecclesiastes 7.28), for no woman of established virtue would be one of such a set.  God had, by His law, particularly forbidden the kings to multiply either horses or wives (Deuteronomy 17.16-17). . .David had multiplied wives too much, and perhaps that made Solomon presume it lawful. . .One bad act of a good man may be of more pernicious consequence to others than twenty of a wicked man.  Probably Solomon, when he began to multiply wives, intended not to exceed his father’s number.  But, the way of sin is downhill.  Those who have got into it cannot easily stop themselves.  Divine wisdom has appointed one woman for one man, [and] did so at first; and those who do not think one enough will not think two or three enough.  Unbridled lust will be unbounded, and the loosened hind will wander endlessly. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on 1 Kings 11.1-8.


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