We may observe, here, (1) there is no man who has such a sufficiency in himself but he has need of his neighbors, and has reason to be thankful for their help: David had a very large kingdom, Hiram a very little one, yet David could not build himself a house to his mind unless Hiram furnished him with both workmen and materials (verse 1).  This is a reason why we should despise none but, as we have opportunity, be obliging to all.  (2) It is a great satisfaction to a wise man to be settled and, to a good man, to see the special providences of God in his settlement.  The people had made David king, but he could not be easy nor think himself happy, till he had perceived that the Lord had confirmed him king over Israel (verse 2).  “Who shall unfix me if God hath fixed me?”. . .(4) It is difficult to thrive without growing secure and indulgent to the flesh.  It was David’s infirmity that, when he settled in his kingdom, he took more wives (verse 3), yet the numerous issue he had added to his honor and strength.  Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord.  We had an account of David’s children, not only in Samuel, but in this book (ch. 3.1, etc.) and, now, here again, for it was their honor to have such a father. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on 1 Chronicles 14.1-7.

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