[John Wesley] managed to combine incessant missionary. . .activity with a vast literary output, yet it would be hard to find another man so famous whose words are less generally read. . .His copious reading was not digested by a habit of sane criticism.  He will tell you that Ossian* is “little inferior to Homer or Virgil and, in some respects, superior to both,” and an hour or two with Voltaire is enough to convince him that “French is the poorest, meanest language in Europe.”  He leaps to conclusions, is easily taken in or no less easily repelled by the last author who has been in his hands.  Altogether, he is not a good advertisement for reading on horseback. – Ronald Knox (1888-1957)

*”Ossian” refers to a famous 18th-century literary hoax.  Wesley’s opinion is not correct.


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