We have here what we had before (2 Kings 11.1, etc.).  (1) A wicked woman endeavoring to destroy the house of David, that she might set up a throne for herself upon the ruins of it.  Athaliah barbarously cut off all the seed-royal (verse 10), perhaps intending to transmit the crown of Judah, after herself, to some of her own relations that, though her family was cut off in Israel by Jehu, it might be planted in Judah.  (2) A good woman effectually preserving it from being wholly extirpated.  One of the late king’s sons, a child of a year old, was rescued from among the dead and saved alive by the care of Jehoiada’s wife (verses 11-12) that a lamp might be ordained for God’s anointed, for no word of God shall fall to the ground. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on 2 Chronicles 22.10-12.


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