This psalm not being composed for the personal and peculiar use of the author only, we may, therefore, understand that, as frequently as [the psalmist] sets before us his own example under this model, he points out the course we ought to pursue.  Here, we are informed that we are well-fortified against the stratagems of Satan when God’s law is deeply seated in our hearts.  For, unless it has a fast and firm hold there, we will readily fall into sin.  Among scholars – those whose knowledge is confined to books – if they have not the books always before them, [they will] readily discover their ignorance.  In like manner, if we do not imbibe the doctrine of God and are well acquainted with it, Satan will easily surprise and entangle us in his meshes.  Our true safeguard, then, lies not in a slender knowledge of His law or in a careless perusal of it, but in hiding it deeply in our hearts.  Here, we are reminded that, however men may be convinced of their own wisdom, they are yet destitute of all right judgment except as far as they have God as their teacher. – John Calvin (1509-1564)

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