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Judgment given against Job’s three friends upon the controversy between them and Job.  Elihu is not censured here, for he distinguished himself from the rest in the management of the dispute and acted, not as a party, but as a moderator, and moderation will have its praise with God, whether it have with men or no.  In the judgment here given, Job is magnified and his three friends are mortified.  While we were examining the discourses on both sides, we could not discern and, therefore, durst not determine, who was in the right.  Something of truth we thought they both had on their side, but we could not cleave the hair between them nor would we, for all the world, have had to give the decisive sentence upon the case, lest we should have determined wrong.  But, it is well that the judgment is the Lord’s, and we are sure that His judgment is according to truth.  To it we will refer ourselves and, by it, we will abide. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on Job 42.7-9.


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