We have, now, before us one of the choicest and most excellent parts of all the Old Testament – nay, so much is there in it of Christ and His gospel, as well as of God and His law, that it had been called “the abstract” or “summary of both Testaments.”  The history of Israel, which we were long upon, led us to camps and council-boards, and there entertained and instructed us in the knowledge of God.  The Book of Job brought us into the schools and treated us with profitable disputations concerning God and His providence.  But, this book brings us into the sanctuary, draws us off from converse with men – with the politicians, philosophers, or disputers of this world – and directs us into communion with God by solacing and reposing our souls in Him, lifting up and letting out our hearts towards Him.  Thus, may we be in the mount of God, and we understand not our interests if we say not, “It is good to be here.” – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), from the preface to his commentary on the Book of Psalms.


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