Meditation in the Word well-worth self-denial and care on the part of the Christian.  I.  Without meditation, reading is a waste of time and an indignity offered to the Word.  II.  Meditation with prayer, but not prayer without meditation, will discover the sense of the Word when all other means fail, and it has this advantage: that the meaning sinks into the mind.  III.  Meditation extracts sweetness from the promises and nourishment from the whole truth.  IV.  Meditation makes a wise teacher and an efficient worker of one who has little natural skill or learning.  V.  Meditation subjects the soul to the sanctifying power of the Word.  VI.  Meditation is an invitation to the Holy Spirit to bless the soul, for He is closely associated with the truth and delights to see the truth honored. – J. F. (otherwise unidentified), commenting on Psalm 119.148 in Charles Spurgeon’s The Treasury of David.

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