Here (1) it is allowed that strong men retain riches, that those who bustle in the world, who are men of spirit and interest, and are able to make their part good against all who stand in their way, are likely to keep what they have and to get more, while those who are weak are preyed upon by all about them.  (2) It is taken for granted that a gracious woman is as solicitous to preserve her reputation for wisdom and modesty, humility and courtesy, and all those other graces that are the true ornaments of her sex as strong men are to secure their estates.  And those women who are truly gracious will, in like manner, effectually secure their honor by their prudence and good conduct.  A gracious woman is as honorable as a valiant man, and her honor is as sure. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on Proverbs 11.16.

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