Christians are, in part, unevangelical in their hearts and lives.  The whole root of sin is not stubbed up at once.  No wonder some bitter taste remains in the fruit they bear.  Saints, in heaven, shall be all grace, and no sin in them, and then they shall be all love, also.  But here, they are part grace, part corruption, and so their love is not perfect.  How can they be fully soldered together in unity, never to fall out, as long as they are not so fully reconciled to God in point of sanctification, but now and then there happen some breaches betwixt them and God Himself?  And the less progress the gospel hath made in their hearts to mortify lust and strengthen grace, the less peace and love is to be expected among them. – William Gurnall (1616-1679), from The Christian in Complete Armor (Volume 1, Page 548)

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