Of buying many books, making ourselves master of them and masters of what is in them by much study, still, the desire of learning would be unsatisfied.  It will give a man, indeed, the best entertainment and the best accomplishment this world can afford him.  But, if we be not, by these, admonished of the vanity of the world and human learning, among other things, and its insufficiency to make us happy without true piety – alas, there is no end of it nor real benefit by it.  It will weary the body but never give the soul any true satisfaction.  The great Mr. Selden subscribed to this when he owned that, in all the books he had read, he never found that on which he could rest his soul, but [only] in Holy Scripture, especially Titus 2.11-12.  By these, therefore, let us be admonished. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on Ecclesiastes 12.8-12.


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