Working on Sunday

There is some Sunday work that we cannot claim to be necessary.  A Christian must not pursue that work and, if it happens to be his occupation, he must look for another job.  That is more easily said than done in a society where unemployment is a reality and the majority of the population cares […]

Authority and Power

Any consideration of authority, whether of parents, employers, government officials, or anyone else, must include attention to the nature of power.  We can easily perceive that the concepts of authority and power are not identical.  A person can possess authority without having the power needed for carrying out his authority.  Think, for example, of the […]

On Not Tinkering With the Moral Law

What are the degrees of consanguinity and affinity within which marriage is prohibited?  These pentateuchal passages (Leviticus 18.8; 20.11; Deuteronomy 22.30; 27.20) not only inform us of the prohibited degrees, they also provide the limits within which we are to confine prohibitions.  The disposition has been widespread to add to the list of prohibited degrees. […]

The Fourth Commandment

The observation that there is little respect for or observance of the Christian Lord’s Day anymore will hardly come as a revelation to anyone.  The Western world, in general, and the United States of America, in particular, both having become increasingly secularistic, materialistic, and hedonistic in their orientation, have also become increasingly hostile to the […]

Hope for the Human Race

There is a soul in some men yet – even yet – and God’s sky is above us and God’s commandment is in us. – Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), Scottish man of letters, in a letter to his brother, John, dated August 6, 1830.

Obeying the Third Commandment

We should be moderate in the use of food, drink, and clothing.  We should glorify God for those things and receive them with thanksgiving.  First Timothy 4.4-5 says: “For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving, for it is sanctified by the Word of God […]

On the Decalogue

Continuing our general inspection of the Decalogue, we may, at this point, briefly note certain introductory facts which should be carefully borne in mind in the proposed study.  First, though given to the Hebrews as a body, and for the purpose of uniting them more closely in their political and social lives, the commandments are, […]